Everyone knows that single use containers are a huge problem for our planet. There are million of tons of plastic entering the ocean each year, and 90 percent of all ocean waste is styrofoam and plastic. Today more than ever, people are trying to make an impact and help the environment by using sustainable and reusable products. Which bring us to the next problem. For those who decide to bring food with them on the go but don't want to use disposable food packaging, the options are limited to bulky, badly-designed lunchboxes. This is where MolaBox comes in.

MolaBox is the world’s most eco-friendly collapsible lunch box. Made from recycled materials, it provides an amazing option for consumers to take food with them on the go and eliminates the need for that plastic bag or bulky lunch box. Art Card Paper

Eco-friendly collapsible lunchbox makes takeout trash-free

MolaBox has a clever slimline design that's easy to carry around and easy to use – just pull the collapsible container out from the multipurpose lid and boom! You’ve got a container to bring food from home to work, from a restaurant to home or to just look at and play with because it is just that cool. It is leakproof and even comes with a carry bag so toting MolaBox around is that much easier.

It’s not only a lunchbox though. Over 100 million pieces of plastic cutlery are disposed of each day. I’m sure that everyone can relate to getting a plastic fork when you take food out and then just tossing it away because a recycling bin is nowhere in sight. Well, MolaBox also includes a fork and spoon so you’ll always be prepared and never have to reach for those plastic utensils again.

What if someone wants to bring multiple items in their MolaBox? You know, things that really don’t go together or that shouldn’t be mixed together. Don’t worry because there is also a divider that is included. It makes it so easy to bring that salad and some fruit in the same container.

MolaBox is not only reusable and super durable but also BPA free, leakproof, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. All the hard plastic components and the carry bag for MolaBox will be made of recycled plastics like single-use plastic bottles and food containers. The case is made from recycled aluminum as well and it will come in three sexy colors: silver, rose gold and space gray.

Eco-friendly collapsible lunchbox makes takeout trash-free

Colouring Paper Offset MolaBox is the ultimate carry solution. For those who are ready to make their lives easier and help the environment can head over to the MolaBox campaign page here.