Oct 1 | What is honeycomb insulation? | Los Angeles, CA Patch

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A thermoplastic honeycomb core that is light and stiff, with above-average compression, shear and tensile strength is offering thermal insulation and reportedly outdoing most other core materials in the category of durability in a variety of sandwich-panel applications. The honeycomb material offers good fire resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and good dimensional stability. Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Oct 1 | What is honeycomb insulation? | Los Angeles, CA Patch

Aluminum honeycomb insulation is a thermoplastic honeycomb core with excellent thermal performance and stiffness. In sandwich panels and floor decking, it outperforms most other core materials in durability and ease of use. 

Honeycomb is widely used because it is light and stiff which means that fewer materials are required, resulting in significant cost savings. Honeycomb has a known high modulus of elasticity, strength and impact resistance, which makes the honeycomb core material able to give excellent performance in many applications. Honeycomb core provides one of the best combinations of stiffness and light weight amongst all closed-cell core materials available today.

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Its low density allows the honeycomb core material to be an outstanding thermal insulation product with its low tensile, compressive and flexural strength properties compared to other materials used in sandwich panel assemblies.

Oct 1 | What is honeycomb insulation? | Los Angeles, CA Patch

Sandwich Composite Honeycomb is a thermoplastic material consisting of rigid foam cells. Honeycomb core is currently being used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction and automotive.